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A Patient Asks About Kylie Jenner

A Patient Asks About Kylie JennerThe other day a patient asked me what I thought Kylie Jenner did that would have caused the changes we see in recent magazine pictures. While I certainly have no knowledge if she has had any procedure, and I can only comment based on supposed before-and-after pictures, the pictures I have seen show fuller lips. Especially the upper lip, which I think looks large and overdone relative to her lower lip. She also appears to have more volume in her cheeks. She may have also had a bit of browlifting; pictures that I have seen show a more arched outer edge of brow than before.

New Option for Neck Fat Likely Coming

New Options for Neck Fat?The FDA is a step closer to approving a new drug/treatment for neck fat, and some of the research was done right here in Cincinnati. I was happy to have participated in the injection study of the drug called deoxycholic acid.

It is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, but it’s usually found in the GI tract where it helps break up fats for absorption. In the treatment, it breaks up neck fat for removal from the body. The results of the study show that it is effective in getting rid of excess neck fat without surgery. There is still typically some discomfort and swelling.

What Do I Think of It?

I think that if it gets approved there is a definite place for it in the treatment options for neck fat. I look forward to sharing more about my experience with it, if and when it’s approved, and including it in the treatment options for our patients.

How Long After a Fat Transfer Until I Look Great?

Healing After a Fat TransferA common question patients have is how long does the swelling last after fat transfer/VolumeLiftsm. While this is somewhat variable and we have had patients who look fabulous after one week, the more typical time to be presentable is in the 10-14 day range. There may still be changes, which you may notice after two weeks, but they will be subtle and the vast majority of the patients are quite presentable at two weeks.



Long-lasting Beautiful Lips

How to Achieve Long-Lasting Full LipsHow can someone achieve beautiful filling of the lips that is long-lasting but not overdone? While many of the options are synthetic fillers, which are temporary, we love using the body’s natural filler – fat – as part of our VolumeLiftsm.

With fat, you can achieve natural feeling and natural-looking results that last many years if not indefinitely, once the fat cells acquire the blood supply in their new site – the lips. We have beautiful examples of this in our office. These examples demonstrate our emphasis on natural-appearing results, not the overfilled results that everyone wants to avoid.

Where Can I Stay If I Travel From Out of Town?

Accommodations for Plastic Surgery PatientsWe are honored to have patients that come from all over the country, and indeed the world – be it the Middle East, Asia, or South America.

We try to help accommodate these patients in any way our office can. There are many hotel options that we can arrange.

Additionally, because we are affiliated with a surgical hospital we have lodging available in the hospital’s beautiful overnight stay facilities. It is first class patient care for a very reasonable price.

Regardless of your point of origin, our staff will be happy to assist with all of your travel needs.





Botox for Celebrities

Botox for CelebritiesDid anyone watch the SAG awards this week? What I thought was refreshing was that the host did not appear overdone. In particular I thought that Reese Witherspoon showed a nice example of conservative Botox treatment for the forehead. She had some residual movement of the brows upward when she wanted to and, at rest, the forehead looked quite smooth. She did have some residual lines in the upper forehead towards the middle, but as long as this is subtle, they can be perfectly acceptable. Though there is not a necessary function or reason for this as there is with the brows, where you want to preserve a little bit of lift.

Sometimes people get particular about preventing any lines above the eyebrows. This has to be balanced with what the final position of the brows will likely be and how much excess skin you have of the upper eyelid, which can be made to look more obvious and apparent with over-treatment of the forehead. Reese Witherspoon happens to be one of my favorites anyway so it was nice to see that she appears to be getting good Botox advice.

A New Treatment for Lip Lines

A New Treatment for Lip LinesWe are pleased to be the first office in the city to offer Restylane Silk. This brand-new filler is FDA approved for lip lines (sometimes called “smoker’s lines,” but all patients eventually get these). It is also approved for filling the lips. This new filler is a smaller particle size than the standard Restylane, which has had an outstanding safety profile over many years. The smaller particle size of Restylane Silk makes it ideal for fine lines of the upper lip. Having now injected this, I am pleased to say that it is every bit as smooth as its thicker brother Restylane, but fits more easily into the lip lines. This new filler is ideal for the patient who wishes to see improvement in the lip lines and lip volume without the downtime of a chemical peel or laser. We like to pair this type of filler with a muscle relaxer like Botox or Dysport for optimal results.





Chemical Peels: A Non-Surgical Individualized Approach to Refresh Skin

Why Chemical Peels Give You a Refreshed AppearanceIt’s a common misconception among many patients who come to Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgery that there aren’t as many options available for nonsurgical procedures as there are when having facial plastic surgery. From laser skin resurfacing to microdermabrasion procedures there are a variety of options available.

We’re proud to offer our state-of-the-art skin care program provided by our highly qualified skin care specialists. Because everyone’s face is different the best approach really depends on the individual. Following a skin analysis by one of our Skin Care Specialists, a plan will be advised to offer an easy, economical way to meet your aesthetic goals.

One example is the chemical peel, which is a treatment designed to remove the surface layers of the dermis, revealing fresh, firmer, and younger looking skin. This reduces or eliminates issues such as large pores, small spots, hyperpigmentation and sunspots, acne, or fine lines and wrinkles.

Does your skin need a refresh? Consider Laser Skin Resurfacing

All You Need to Know About Laser Skin ResurfacingThe summer sun, smoking, stress, acne and even just the natural effects of aging can leave your skin looking tired and worn. To keep your skin refreshed and make it look and feel younger, one of the best treatments is laser skin resurfacing. It uses what is called a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. It is an ablative laser, so called because it ablates or removes the top layer of skin. By vaporizing the old top layer, it stimulates collagen production and allows new skin to emerge that appears younger and renewed with phenomenally reduced lines, wrinkles, a more even skin tone, and tightening of the skin.

The Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Local anesthesia and relaxing medicine may be used for the procedure. Then the hand-piece that produces the high energy, amplified light waves will be glided across the skin. Depending on the area being treated, the procedure may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to complete. Depending on the desired results and consultation with the Dr. Donath the regiment may call for more than one treatment. The time between treatments will also be directed by the doctor.