Clear + Brilliant in Cincinnati

Yearning for radiant, flawless skin? Dr. Alexander S. Donath’s Clear + Brilliant treatment in Cincinnati, OH revitalizes your skin, unveiling a refreshed and vibrant complexion that exudes radiance.

Clear + Brilliant Benefits: Brilliantly Radiant Skin

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser treatment that improves skin texture and tone, promoting a radiant and refreshed complexion. Here are more benefits:

Do I Need the Clear + Brilliant?

Patients located in Cincinnati, OH who notice early signs of aging are not always suitable candidates for more invasive anti-aging treatment options like facelift surgery or ablative laser resurfacing. These treatments create dramatic changes to the face, require lengthier recovery periods, and are best for more advanced signs of aging. Those who have fine lines, dull skin, or other concerns may find that a series of Clear + Brilliant laser treatments performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Donath at Donath Facial Plastic Surgery, Ohio University-educated, is a better option for more subtle facial rejuvenation catering to various skin types.

The Clear + Brilliant lasers are non-ablative, meaning that they will not directly target the upper layers of skin. The Clear + Brilliant lasers are gentler than ablative lasers, offering various treatment zones to address different problem areas with lesser risk, and providing numerous benefits for the candidate.

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Solta Medical manufactures Clear + Brilliant lasers for non-invasive skin rejuvenation. As humans age, their cellular regeneration cycles slow down. Clear + Brilliant jumpstarts the rejuvenation process that occurs naturally during our younger years. This gentle laser creates minimal irritation necessary to the skin for a clinical result but with less downtime than other lasers.

The Clear + Brilliant lasers are non-ablative, meaning that they will not directly target the upper layers of skin. This is gentler than ablative lasers, which target the surface of the skin and leave deeper layers of skin exposed and vulnerable. Non-ablative lasers target the dermis to influence cellular activity for natural skin regeneration without the need for extensive downtime. Clear + Brilliant lasers are fractionated, utilizing modern technology to create patterns of micro-injuries, sparing nearby skin. This effectively initiates cell turnover while leaving much of the skin intact, which reduces recovery time.

Clear + Brilliant can effectively shrink facial pores, smooth out the tone and texture of the skin, and improve its elasticity and youthfulness. The laser will also improve permanent marks on the face, like acne and another scarring.

Candidates for Clear + Brilliant

The most suitable patients for Clear + Brilliant are typically people who want to maintain their youthful skin, repair early signs of aging, delay more invasive cosmetic procedures, or those who want to maintain their results from a more in-depth procedure targeting moderate or advanced aging.

Clear + Brilliant is great for women and men who work regular jobs or have busy schedules and cannot dedicate weeks of downtime to healing. The settings on the device create a custom treatment for each patient. The base laser energy does not target melanin, so it is safe for all skin tones.

How is the Clear + Brilliant Procedure performed?

First, patients are prepped with a thorough cleansing of the skin to ensure dirt and bacteria do not make their way into the thousands of tiny channels created in the skin by the laser. Next, a skin-numbing cream is spread over the treatment area – generally the entire face – and it is left in place for 20-40 minutes to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. The cream is then washed off the face and the treatment can begin.

The practitioner will review the patient’s needs and select settings and the correct attachment for the procedure, providing a personalized experience based on each individual’s unique concerns and goals. Eye protection is fitted over the eyes, and the session begins. The device is guided across the surface of the skin, addressing any skin condition or sensitivity, until the Clear + Brilliant process is complete. Some may choose a cooling mask to decrease inflammation and swelling, and counteract the thermal side effects of the laser.

The non-ablative sessions can be repeated every two to four weeks for between four and six sessions for the best results, tackling issues like hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Most patients notice changes in their skin after a single session. Dr. Donath can provide patients with the skin care items needed for proper aftercare after consultation regarding the sun exposure and lesions present.

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Recovering from Clear + Brilliant

The healing process following the procedure is minimal because much of the skin is left intact during a fractionated, non-ablative treatment. Patients may notice that the skin feels sensitive, or mildly sunburned for the first few days after treatment. There will be some temporary redness that lasts for several hours up to a couple days and skin flaking that should occur naturally without the aid of an abrasive exfoliant. The skin may feel dry and should be hydrated as instructed. Makeup can be applied the day after treatment to camouflage any temporary discoloration or other side effects of the treatment.

Why choose Dr. Donath — Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

  • Internationally renowned facial plastic surgeon–has lectured around the world and is published in leading medical journals.
  • Patients travel from across the US and internationally for Dr. Donath’s expertise.
  • Graduated summa cum laude (highest honors) from Ohio University where he was a scholarship recipient and was inducted into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa national honor society.
  • He then completed medical school at the University of Cincinnati, widely recognized as one of the top medical centers in the country, where he was President of the school’s American Medical Student Association.
  • Completing a rigorous five-year residency training program in all aspects of Head and Neck Surgery at St. Louis University.
  • He additionally spent time studying at Harvard Medical School.
  • He has been nominated as a Top Doctor in Cincinnati Magazine and by Castle Connolly for many consecutive years — more than a decade.
  • Is a national trainer of other physicians for both Galderma (Dysport®, Restylane®) and Allergan (Botox®, Juvederm®), and is a frequent guest on multiple media outlets to present the public with the most recent facial aesthetic techniques.
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Enhancing the Results of Clear + Brilliant

Dr. Donath offers a number of other procedures that can enhance patients’ results when combined with Clear + Brilliant sessions.

Patients who are satisfied with their appearance and opt for laser treatments to maintain their youthful skin can also benefit from a tailored skincare routine. Donath Facial Plastic Surgery offers Skin Medica and Skinceuticals brands, and our medical professionals can advise which products may best meet an individual patient’s needs after a thorough consultation. HydraFacial is also an excellent way to promote more supple skin through a spa-like procedure.

Patients in their 20s and early 30s may notice some early signs of aging, sun damage, or acne scars and other marks on their face that have not fully improved over time. Aside from Clear + Brilliant treatments, injectable fillers can plump divots in the skin, like icepick acne scars, and boost the volume and contour of the lips. Fillers can even be strategically injected below the eyes to eliminate under-eye darkness or a hollow appearance. The office uses the trusted hyaluronic acid fillers Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm, to create natural hydration in the body where plumping is needed.

As hormonal changes occur in patients’ 40s and 50s, they may notice weight fluctuations which can lead to an unwanted double chin. Clear + Brilliant refreshes the skin, but will not address fatty deposits around the face and neck. Kybella is the only non-surgical treatment that is approved by the FDA for the cosmetic treatment of fat under the chin. The injections dissolve the unwanted fat tissue, restoring attractive contours to the face. As people age, fat may accumulate in other areas as well. Plastic surgeries like blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, focus on under-eye fat pad removal and shaping, while fat transfer provides the opposite effect, and redistributes the patient’s own fat where it is needed. Fat can be used to boost the volume in the lips, cheeks, or wrinkles around the face.

Those with the most progressive signs of aging, such as spots and uneven skin tone, may have already undergone transformative procedures like a facelift or cheek augmentation. Clear + Brilliant laser treatments will help patients preserve the results of their surgery for as long as possible while working towards their skincare goals. Skin will continue to age, but cell turnover is encouraged with each laser session, and the reduction in pore size and overall improvement in skin tone will help the patient maintain a naturally youthful look.

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Clear + Brilliant FAQs

Clear + Brilliant provides less intense laser light therapy aimed at improving the skin. Clear + Brilliant is fractionated, meaning it only damages select cells to jump-start collagen production and the healing process, ensuring that recovery time, unlike with aggressive treatments such as steroids or harsh laser application, is not as extensive. The laser energy from the sessions does not target skin pigment, so it is safe for any skin color. Additionally, Clear + Brilliant is ideal for patients of all ages and can be a brilliant touch to enhancing one’s skin.

Most patients notice a difference in facial skin following a single session, but for the greatest improvements, patients are encouraged to schedule four to six treatments. Clear + Brilliant sessions can be performed two to four weeks apart. Rather than undergoing more intensive treatment through a single session, the repeated sessions produce similar effects over time, without discomfort and downtime.

The patient’s skin is prepped with a cream that temporarily eliminates feeling in the facial skin to ensure a comfortable procedure. Clear + Brilliant is a mild laser procedure, and even without topical numbing, pain or discomfort tends to be minimal. After the treatments, a cooling mask may be applied to the skin to help control any discomfort and minimize the side effects of the procedure.

There are a number of different types of laser, light, and thermal treatments available to patients through facial plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical spas. Dr. Donath prefers to offer the best, most trusted treatments in the industry, including Clear + Brilliant. The laser is most comparable to other lasers using fractionated technology. The laser heats vertical columns in the skin to eliminate cells in the channels. Sometimes referred to as micro channeling, the contained injuries heal to enhance the surrounding skin cells.

If you live in the states of Ohio or Kentucky, Donath Facial Plastic Surgery offers Clear + Brilliant among its services. For a full list of services, please visit our Locations page.