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You’re the Best of the best!

Thank you Dr. Donath and staff!
I look and feel beautiful ! My experience was wonderful! I was well informed prior to and after surgery Dr. D and staff are very caring, patient, thoughtful, and professional.
I will always recommend Dr. Donath. You’re the Best of the best!

testimonial 11-17-16

Dr. Donath is a highly skilled surgical artist

Thank you very much from the very caring staff making every office, surgical visit, comfortable & personal… Dr Donath is a highly skilled surgical artist… he has a keen eye, surgical expertise, who seems to value the patients input… please express my gratitude to all in your practice. The Saturday delivery of flowers is yet 1 more follow up of compassion, thanks for everything.

He is an artist as well as a surgeon

The staff (including Dr. Donath) is wonderful. They educated me before and after the procedure. I felt confident going into it and completely happy with the outcome. I wanted improved skin and fewer wrinkles. I got both. My skin looks better than it has in years. I highly recommend Dr. Donath. He is an artist as well as a surgeon.

testimonial 11-17-16

Dr. Donath is an exceptional facial plastic surgeon!

Facelift (Full), Submental Tuck, Fractional CO2 Laser, Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid)

I am beyond pleased with my results. Dr. Donath is an exceptional facial plastic surgeon! In addition, he truly cares about his patients. This review wouldn’t be complete without kudos to his awesome staff…aka Donath’s Darlings. (Sorry ladies but you are darlings)…Penny, Angie, Nicole, Megan, Jenni, and Jessica. Dr. Donath and his staff are the best in Cincinnati!


He was the ONLY surgeon that made me feel welcome

Chin Implant

When finally getting the opportunity to fix a flaw I’ve had for years, Dr. Donath was one of five surgeons I consulted with. He was the ONLY surgeon that made me feel welcome. He is very friendly & personable, making sure you’re confident in your decision to have the procedure, as well as in his abilities to make your dream come true. After years of struggling with my self-identity and image, I am finally proud to be who I am and walk with my head held high.


I’m very satisfied with the results

Aug 25th 2016:
After breaking my nose twice as a little girl, the bump and bend in my nose bothered me. Since then I have been saving so that I could afford to get the procedure done. This is something that I have wanted for 15 years and have finally achieved. After getting the Rhinoplasty I was very swollen a bruised, this was something I was expecting, however I did suffer from nausea and dizziness. Dr Donath then explained that if I was someone that suffered from nausea such as car sickness could mean I was more susceptible. On the other side I was very happy with how quickly the bruising dispersed. It has only been two weeks so far and I’m very satisfied with the results but I have been informed that it can take up to 12months for complete recovery and I am very excited to see the final nose.

Nov 1st, 2016:
After several months following the surgery, Dr Donath arranged to come see me in Winchester, United Kingdom, to check on my nose post-surgery. I was even able to show Dr Donath and his wife around the old city for the day. Dr Donath has without a doubt exceeded my expectations, and gone above a beyond in the after care for my nose. I am very grateful for all that he has done.