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Dr. Donath and his staff are very professional

I honestly look 15 to 20 years younger than my current age (62). I chose Dr. Donath after interviewing several of Cincinnati’s top facial plastic surgeons. I chose him because I felt that he was more precise and particular about where he would make corrections and stitches. He also told me he would take 3 hours to do my operation. Others told me 1 hour.

Since having the operation, I have heard so many people astounded by my age. Several of my friends have already called to ask for consultation with Dr. Donath. I have been “carded” four times in the past month when I asked for a senior (over 50) discount!

The operation while not “a piece of cake”, was so worthwhile. I drove myself to Dr. Donath’s office the next day, as I was off of painkillers after the first 3 pills. I was out shopping alone 3 days after the operation.

As a side note, I am in a very public oriented occupation and I have noticed that the “public” treats you better when you look younger. I wish that were not true but since having my facelift, i have notice this to be true.

Dr. Donath and his staff are very professional, accommodating, and give the personal service and respect that I had hoped for. I would recommend that anyone who is not happy with their current appearance consider having Dr. Donath advise and guide them toward being their “best self.”

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I feel like life is just more fun when a woman feels pretty!

Thank You Dr. Donath!
I am so Happy!

I was watching a PBS documentary once about a very beautiful queen from many years ago. What struck me, was that in her early 30’s, the Queen put a stop to ever having her portrait painted again, and she stopped making public appearances, This was because she felt her beauty was fleeting and wanted to be remembered for how she once looked. Fast forward to today, I could understand that, as my own face was becoming depleated, asymmetrical, and tired-looking in my early 30’s also.

But the Queen with all her power and means, could never access the blessing that is a face fat transfer by you Dr. Donath! Words cannot express my gratitude for what you were able to do with your talent for my face. I feel like life is just more fun when a woman feels pretty! Thank you!

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I am extremely satisfied and would recommend Dr. Donath to anyone

I am very satisfied. The before and after photographs say it all. I did not realize how much excess skin was on my neck until I saw the contrasting photos. Best of all the end result looks very natural and NOT overdone. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend Dr. Donath to anyone. The staff and patient environment is also very warm, inviting and friendly.

testimonial 02-24-17

You’re the Best of the best!

Thank you Dr. Donath and staff!
I look and feel beautiful ! My experience was wonderful! I was well informed prior to and after surgery Dr. D and staff are very caring, patient, thoughtful, and professional.
I will always recommend Dr. Donath. You’re the Best of the best!

testimonial 11-17-16

Dr. Donath is a highly skilled surgical artist

Thank you very much from the very caring staff making every office, surgical visit, comfortable & personal… Dr Donath is a highly skilled surgical artist… he has a keen eye, surgical expertise, who seems to value the patients input… please express my gratitude to all in your practice. The Saturday delivery of flowers is yet 1 more follow up of compassion, thanks for everything.

He is an artist as well as a surgeon

The staff (including Dr. Donath) is wonderful. They educated me before and after the procedure. I felt confident going into it and completely happy with the outcome. I wanted improved skin and fewer wrinkles. I got both. My skin looks better than it has in years. I highly recommend Dr. Donath. He is an artist as well as a surgeon.

testimonial 11-17-16