Family 411 transcript


Speaker 1: Lots of girls dream of their wedding day, that special someone, the beautiful dress. These days, spending that big day in the spotlight means more than hairstyles and makeup and for some brides it means plastic surgery.

Sheila Gray has a look at this growing trend at tonight’s Family 411.

Jessica: I think every girl wants to be beautiful on her wedding day and I just felt that I look tired.

Sheila: Jessica Warren got married at the end of May and instead of having her photos touched up after the wedding, she got a touch up to her face.

Dr. Donath: Being able to fill this are is a newer thing.

Sheila: Dr. Alex Donath injected fillers under Jessica’s eyes and plumped up her lips and cheeks.

Jessica: It made me feel gorgeous.

Sheila: Bridal and plastic surgery websites say as many as one in three brides consider some type of cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery before the wedding and about 10% say “I do to” a procedure.

Dr. Donath: It’s the outfit you wear everyday and in this case it’s for a big day.

Sheila: Dr. Donath said it’s not all bridal plasty. He says younger brides are more likely to choose fillers, botox and chemical pills.

Speaker 5: I just wanted to give myself a little lift.

Sheila: That’s Jessica’s mom. She’s had a face lift and an upper eye lift. Mothers of the bride and the groom are more likely to go under the knife.

Charlotte: The pictures are going to stand the test of time. You’re going to see family and friends that you haven’t in a while and so you want to really look the best that you can.

Sheila: Charlotte had a face lift and Dr. Donath transferred her own fat into her cheeks.

Dr. Donath: It just perks up the face by lifting the cheeks.

Charlotte: I felt stunning.

Sheila: Charlotte’s son Max got married last fall.

Charlotte: I’m going to be 60 on my next birthday. You have a thought about what that looks like and now it’s you. I don’t think you want to look old.

Speaker 5: I get so many compliments.

Sheila: If you’re thinking about a procedure whether surgical or cosmetic, do you your research and look for a board certified plastic surgeon. Look at before and after pictures and make sure you give yourself time to heal.

Dr. Donath: As long as you time it well I think patients are thrilled with it.

Sheila: This bride and her mom are not surprised they’re part of a trend.

Speaker 5: I have friends that I’ve had it done and now they’re ready too.

Sheila: Do what makes you feel good. If you want to do something or something bothers you, change it. It’s easy and you might as well for that big day.

Jessica: Sheila Gray, Local 12 News.