Liposonix Fat Removal in Cincinnati

Struggling with stubborn fat? Dr. Alexander S. Donath’s Liposonix treatment in Cincinnati, OH targets and reduces fat, revealing a slimmer, more sculpted silhouette without surgery.

Liposonix Benefits: Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Liposonix is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that targets stubborn fat, helping you achieve a slimmer silhouette. Here are more benefits:

What is Liposonix? Non-Invasive Liposuction

Liposonix is an innovative non-surgical method for permanently reducing unwanted fat. This FDA-approved fat removal system uses ultrasound energy to gently melt away excess fat cells.

This is a great non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction procedures for those seeking a modest fat reduction in problem areas.

Liposonix is ideal for treating stubborn pockets or bulges of fat cells that have proven unresponsive to diet and exercise, including areas like the abdomen, love handles, waist, upper arms, back, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. However, just about any area of the body can be successfully treated.

Patients have reported that after Liposonix treatment, they have noticed a decrease in pant size and a more contoured waistline. This body sculpting technique has been proven to be effective in providing long-term results. Combined with proper diet and exercise, Liposonix can help patients reach their desired shape and achieve the body of their dreams!

Liposonix Candidates

Liposonix is effective in both men and women. It is, however, a type of “Non Invasive Liposuction” best reserved for those who are near to their ideal body weight and are seeking a modest fat reduction. Patients who are looking for more dramatic or significant fat removal may be better candidates for surgical procedures like liposuction.

It is important to keep realistic expectations when considering Liposonix. While this procedure is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction and can be effective in reducing fat, it is not a miracle solution. Results can vary depending on the individual, but on average, patients can expect to lose between one and two inches after their treatment session. Keep in mind that additional treatments may be necessary for the desired outcome.

The Liposonix Process

Liposonix is an outpatient body contouring procedure performed in the office setting. During treatment, the Liposonix treatment head is applied to the skin on the treatment area, where it delivers focused high-intensity ultrasound energy that travels harmlessly through the skin’s surface. Deep beneath the skin, this energy targets unwanted fat cells, permanently dissolving and destroying them. The dissolved fat tissue and cells are then absorbed through the body’s natural healing responses over several weeks.

The Liposonix procedure is usually a single one-hour treatment, but it depends on the size and number of areas with fat deposits to be treated.

Does Liposonix hurt?

Treatment is well tolerated with slight discomfort or pain. Most patients describe experiencing a tingling, prickling, or warm sensation.

Liposonix Before & Afters

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

Why choose Dr. Donath — Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

  • Internationally renowned facial plastic surgeon–has lectured around the world and is published in leading medical journals.
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  • Graduated summa cum laude (highest honors) from Ohio University where he was a scholarship recipient and was inducted into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa national honor society.
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  • Completing a rigorous five-year residency training program in all aspects of Head and Neck Surgery at St. Louis University.
  • He additionally spent time studying at Harvard Medical School.
  • He has been nominated as a Top Doctor in Cincinnati Magazine and by Castle Connolly for many consecutive years — more than a decade.
  • Is a national trainer of other physicians for both Galderma (Dysport®, Restylane®) and Allergan (Botox®, Juvederm®), and is a frequent guest on multiple media outlets to present the public with the most recent facial aesthetic techniques.

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I cannot express my gratitude enough for the excellent care I receive, and continue to receive at Dr. Donath’s. The professionalism of everyone in the office is unsurpassed. I am exceedingly pleased with the results of my procedures and will trust my care to no other team of professionals. Thank you!!

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Recovering From Liposonix

Patients may experience some side effects, such as skin pinkness, swelling, mild bruising, or tenderness after treatment. These side effects are generally mild and fade within a few hours to a few days. Patients can wear a compression garment for at least one week to reduce swelling and promote healing. 

Otherwise, there is only minimal downtime, and work and other daily activities can be resumed immediately afterward. It takes about two months before the improved body contours can be truly appreciated, and it’s been shown that patients experience an average waistline reduction of one inch after a single treatment. Additional treatment can be performed after two months if patients choose.


Liposonix® on the Rachael Ray Show!

Are Any Risks from Liposonix Treatment?

Liposonix uses focused ultrasound waves to target and dissolve unwanted fatty tissue, which eliminates the surgical risks associated with traditional fat reduction technologies. However, patients must consult a qualified practitioner before treatment to ensure that Liposonix is right for them.


Liposonix is an advanced fat removal system that uses advanced ultrasound technology to permanently reduce unwanted pockets of excess fat. This is a non-surgical, “non-invasive liposuction” treatment for those seeking modest fat removal in minimally invasive body contouring procedures or fat reduction treatments.

Liposonix® uses ultrasound energy which is delivered deep beneath the skin where it targets unwanted adipose tissue. The high-intensity focused ultrasound dissolves the fat, which is then harmlessly removed over several weeks via the body’s natural healing process.

The ideal candidate for Liposonix® is of average body weight but bothered by stubborn areas of fat that have proven resistant to diet and exercise, such as the love handles or belly. While patients must be able to “pinch an inch,” those seeking dramatic or extensive fat reduction may be better candidates for traditional surgical liposuction.

Liposonix® is performed in the office setting.

The Liposonix treatment is usually a one-hour treatment depending on the size, body mass index, and the number of areas to be treated.

Liposonix® is very well tolerated by patients with minimal discomfort or pain involved. Patients may experience some tingling, prickling, or a sensation of warmth from these non-invasive fat reduction procedures.

There is no recovery time associated with Liposonix® treatment. While minor skin pinkness, minor swelling, bruising, or tenderness may occur for up to a few days after treatment, work and other normal activities can be resumed immediately.

The results of Liposonix® take about two months to be realized.

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