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Taking Facial Plastic Surgery to the Extreme

Following a successful facial cosmetic surgery, the people in the patient’s life should not feel compelled to ask him or her: “Have you had work done?” A plastic surgeon’s intent is not to construct perfection, but rather to create aesthetic improvements that each patient is pleased with. Satisfactory results are those which produce or enhance facial harmony, and appear so natural that a patient looks as though he or she was born with the attractive feature.

In facial plastics, certain procedures have been performed inappropriately to create extreme results, which appear neither attractive nor natural. Liposuction of the neck and submental area, facelift surgery, and rhinoplasty can dramatically improve the treatment site, but in the wrong hands can also produce obviously synthetic results. An artificial appearance following a facial plastic surgery is commonly due to patient requests and surgeons who practice facial plastics without the necessary education or training.

There are many times that patients may seek over-correction from a procedure because they want to minimize the look of certain parts of their face. What they may not realize is that by manipulating the tissues to such extremes, results can draw unwanted attention to that area of the face due to the artificial look. A knowledgeable plastic surgeon will explain the medical and artistic aspects of aesthetics to patients and may provide them with preliminary photo-enhanced results.

Excessive Fat Removal

The Issue:

Liposuction is an effective fat removal procedure that eliminates unwanted fat from the body, and is commonly used in facial plastics to smooth the look of the neck or area below the chin. Most patients who undergo this procedure find that a fit lifestyle does not always rid these areas of unsightly bulges, a lack of contouring, and signs of aging. While liposuction can instantly slim the neck and jaw line, an aggressive liposuction procedure may have unintended consequences. It is possible for the soft tissues below the skin take on an uneven texture, and may age the skin affected by the procedure. Without the support of some necessary fat, the skin will form divots and wrinkles below the surface of the skin.

The Solution:

Liposuction can be performed alongside other procedures to enhance a patient’s looks. When the focus is a double chin, liposuction combined with a chin augmentation may be a great way to contour the area and create a more projected chin. Additionally, Dr. Donath offers Kybella injections as a great way to treat less severe fatty deposits below the chin.

Mannequin Look  

The Issue:

What some prospective patients may not understand is that anti-aging surgeries and treatments improve one’s looks as deemed appropriate for their current age. It is not medically possible for a plastic surgeon to restore the looks of a fifty-year-old patient to his or her appearance at age twenty. An aggressive facelift can result in a windswept appearance where the skin of the face is pulled excessively taught, distorting all the facial features. An effective facelift restores youth and vitality to the face without creating unwanted surgical side effects. Additionally, the over-application of Botox can lead to a face void of natural movements, while excessive injectable fillers create an inflated appearance that resembles a caricature of a person.

The Solution:

There are a now a number of procedures – both surgical and non-surgical – to promote a youthful appearance. A mini facelift is a great way to correct the lower face when the signs of aging are more prevalent in this region. Laser resurfacing treatments, temporary cosmetic injections, and even a tailored skin care program can all contribute to a more youthful glow. The goal is to make you look like yourself, just a more youthful and rested version of yourself.

Obvious Nose Job

The Issue:

Rhinoplasty is a completely transformative surgery that can make over a person’s looks. The nose is in a central location, and is raised above the normal plane of the face. It is also situated between the eyes and the lips, two features others notice when we speak. The appearance of the nose plays into the total attractiveness of the face and can be a source of discomfort in those who dislike this feature. Rhinoplasty surgery, also commonly referred to as the “nose job,” is the procedure performed to alter the look of the nose. Not to be confused with non-surgical rhinoplasty or the liquid rhinoplasty, nose surgery permanently reconstructs the interior cartilage and bone to create a modified nasal size and shape.

Rhinoplasty has been available to interested patients for centuries. Early methods were notably archaic, and those performed in the mid-20th century were completed in a one-size-fits-all fashion, even after having evolved to suit standards in modern medicine. Plastic surgeons, too, have advanced, and now use the most precise instruments available, and alter each nose to suit a patient’s own face. No two noses should appear the same because people have varying genetics that construct the unique features of one’s face.

The Solution

A successful rhinoplasty is often the result of a conservative technique. If the nose is made to be too small for the face, the space between the nose and upper lip is too great, creating a less attractive face. A petite nose may also be disproportionately small to the rest of the facial features. Because Dr. Donath specializes in facial anatomy, he recognizes the best aesthetic look for each patient. The doctor can also perform surgeries like chin augmentation and lip injections in patients who may seek to enlarge other features of the face so the nose appears balanced in size.

Ohio Facial Plastic Surgery Expert Dr. Donath

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