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Cheek Lift by Percutaneous Cheek Suspension

What is the Perctaneous Cheek Lift?

The cheek lift, or midface lift, by percutaneous cheek suspension is a new minimally invasive procedure designed to lift the cheek and midface region. The percutaneous cheek lift can improve the appearance of nasolabial folds, sagging of the cheeks and midface, and prominent lower eye sockets in order to provide a more youthful appearance.

Individuals who are looking for a minimally invasive solution for sagging of the cheeks and lower eye area and/or nasolabial folds may be good candidates for a percutaneous cheek lift. As with all cosmetic surgery, it’s also important that patients be physically healthy and have expectations that are realistic. The percutaneous cheek lift procedure cannot provide the same dramatic results as a full facelift but is ideal for younger patients seeking a less invasive option. During your consultation, Dr. Donath will examine your face and help you to decide if a cheek lift with percutaneous cheek suspension is the best option to address your needs.

The percutaneous cheek lift can be performed in the office setting with minimal sedation. Dr. Donath will begin by making hidden incisions located within the hairline at the temple. Suture loops are then placed through the incisions under the skin of the midface and are used to elevate the cheek fat pads. Recovery after the percutaneous cheek lift is generally mild and rapid. Some swelling and bruising may occur but these side effects fade quickly. Discomfort is typically minimal.

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