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Five Facial Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2014

This is a very accurate article about the trends in facial plastic surgery. I completely agree with the report: fat transfer, Voluma, and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) are trending upward. Facelifts, eyelid lifts, and chin implants continue to be in high demand as well. Patients love to see the expected changes on our 3D imaging system, particularly for nose reshaping and revolumizing the cheeks.

Cincinnati Magazine’s 2012 TOP DOCTORS for PLASTIC SURGERY

We are  pleased to announce that Dr. Donath has been selected as one of Cincinnati Magazine’s 2012 TOP DOCTORS  for PLASTIC SURGERY. Cincinnati Magazine sent surveys to over  5,000 physicians asking them to tell whom they would turn to if they  themselves, a family member or a friend needed medical attention. Dr. Donath  was one of the doctors chosen by his peers to be on this pretigious list.  Please follow this link to check it out!

A way to prevent her earlobes from being stretched after a facelift surgery

Patient came in today asking if there was a way to prevent her earlobes from being stretched after a facelift surgery or a minilift, as she had seen on an acquaintences earlobes several  months  after she had had  a facelift by another physician.  I explained the fact that the stretching of the earlobe certainly does not have to happen and that with careful closure of the incisions around the ears, including the special suturing technique that we use that supports the earlobe and keeps it tucked, we are able to help prevent this from happening.  This stretched earlobe, sometimes called the Pixie ear deformity, is indeed one of the telltale signs of a facelift, and frequently it is  because the surgeon puts too much tension on the skin, when the tension should really be on the deeper tissues.  This helps to ensure the most natural result possible.

Fat Transfer (Volume Lift SM)

I saw a patient today who is approximately one year out from having malar  implants (cheek implants) placed by another surgeon and was now interested in  improving the transition between the implant and his lower eyelid area. The  primary reason why I do not routinely use hard cheek implants (such as  silastic) is exactly as is the case with this patient today, where the  transition between the borders of the implant and the lower eyelid area can be  abrupt and leave the patient hollowed and even more tired looking than before  the implants were placed; the implants can contribute to the “dark circles”  look under the eyes. This can be easily corrected by filling in the depression  directly above the cheek implant with synthetic fillers such as Restylane, and  can be done in less than an hour in the office and requires only application of  numbing ointment which is very effective. This also provides an immediate  improvement which was very gratifying to the patient today.  There can be  significant bruising associated with this procedure, but this is minimized by  avoiding aspirin, advil, motrin, and any other medicine in the “NSAIDs” class,  as well as vitamin E and fish oil, all of which can thin the blood. Additionally,  we have a V-beam laser which we routinely use to treat bruising so that the  patients can get back to work or social activities much faster. If this patient  had come to me initially for filling of the cheeks, I would have likely … Read more »

Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgery

I am pleased to announce the initiation of our new blog, which will allow our patients to stay informed on the latest advances and other news in Facial Plastic Surgery. I will be posting articles and other entries that help to ensure that you are exceedingly well-prepared for any procedure, and keep you updated on new developments and specials here at Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgery. Importantly, I also encourage each of you to submit anything you might be interested in, including any articles, questions, or comments about recent developments. Having a running dialogue like this is a fantastic and stimulating way to learn more about how to get the best results and the best bang for your buck! To kick things off, those of you who have been asking about alternatives to Botox will be happy to know that the long-awaited competitor, Reloxin (to be distributed by Medicis, the makers of Restylane and Perlane), is finally under review by the FDA. It’s impossible to predict when exactly the review will be completed, but I will let you know as soon as I do. The Botox brand has had a monopoly on this market in the U.S. for years now, and we welcome the prospect of competition in this area to stabilize, or even improve, the affordability for all of our patients. I also have a backlog of interesting articles I’ve accumulated over just the past few months. I’ll start with this one from the front page of the Enquirer–it’s a… Read more »