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How is a temporal browlift different from a traditional browlift and how effective is it?

I've heard of something called a temporal browlift that can be performed right in the doctor's office. How this is different from a traditional brow lift and how effective is it?

The temporal browlift is an excellent procedure for addressing the mid to outer portion of the brow and we routinely perform this procedure in our in-office AAAHC- accredited surgical suites. The difference between this and the traditional browlift is lesser degree of forehead skin elevation with the temporal browlift, and because of this there is much less bruising, swelling, and downtime. Also, the temporal browlift really focuses on the only portion of the brow that many people need to have lifted, which is the lateral (outer) , approximately one-half, of the brow. It is the outer portion of the brow that does most of the drooping with age; most people's middle/inner portion of the brow does not drop very much at all, but instead they lose volume beneath that portion of the brow, which causes a darkened shadow effect beneath it - this creates the illusion that the brow is dropped. This is why I strongly feel that the best results in the brow are achieved when volume is restored in the brow area, such as with our VolumeLift(SM) which can be seen in pictures such as these before and after photos of  VolumeLift(SM).

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